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dogs: food, drinking, age


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We have a cocker spaniel of 12 years old.

OH has noticed that she seems to be drinking a lot of water.  She is fed dry food with some human food supplements (probably a fair amount!)

Is this something to be worried about?

Should an older dog be fed mainly dry food?

Thank you for all advice, insights, reassurance, etc.

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As you will know, Mint, drinking a lot of water can be a sign of  diabetes, but not necessarily. I think it's quite common in older dogs. You could have him/her checked for that.

Our border collie is also 12 and is eating and drinking as usual. She has always had raw chicken and meat bones plus croquettes.

The main thing to watch for in older dogs (imo) is that they don't overeat and put on weight. Ours sleeps a lot more than she used to, and can't walk and run so far before getting tired.

Is your dog on any medication? That can also lead to drinking more, as with our neighbour's breton spaniel who comes with us for walks. He's about 12 too.

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Can also be a sign that kidneys are needing a bit of help. Easily checked with a blood test. Do see your vet and then you can either get appropriate treatment or have your minds put at rest. Our labrit will be 18 at Christmas.........! Still playful and likes his food but doesn't do too long on the exercise front.

Chrissie (81)
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