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Taking Chickens to France


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I am moving to France soon and want to take my five chickens and duck who are family pets only. Can anyone tell me what the current requirements are? Has anyone done it recently? I contacted Defra - but the restrictions and salmonella testing seem to be for groups of 20 chickens - nothing about ducks? It's all a bit confusing! I have read a lot of differing opinions on different websites - some say they had their chickens blood tested - but wish they hadn't as it wasn't necessary........I even contacted my nearest Defra registered vet - who said she was unsure of the requirements for chickens - and could only tell me about cats and dogs!! Is there anyone with recent personal experience please?
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I have never experienced your situation but if I were to I would be more inclined to approach:

The Embassy of France

58 Knightsbridge,

London SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

As you intend to take pet livestock into France, I suspect, there will be more hoops to jump through than taking pet livestock out of the UK.

Good luck

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