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Stomorgyl: anyone's pets experienced side effects?


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My dog was prescribed this drug for an infection and, after a couple of days of her taking it, I found her very listless and suffering from what sounds like stomach cramps (lots of gurglings and she seemed in pain).

So, I stopped the drug for a few days and, when she got better, I thought I'd better continue the course of the drug.  I halved the dose after reading up about the weight to dosage ratio on the internet and now, after 2 days of taking it, she is again listless, lacking energy and I can hear her stomach rumbling.

Has anyone any experience of their pets suffering stomach upsets after taking this drug?

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Be very carefully in Administering the STOMORGYL 2 medication.

Special precautions should be taken if the cat show health problems,

Besides the mouth disease problems;

Such as very thinny, under weight or size for its age; or leukemia

In these cases DO NOT USE STOMORGYL 2.

Seems like Stomorgyl 2 disrupts the already fragile blood structure

and breaks it down.

I had 2 little cats, far smaller & weaker then they should be.

I believe they had Stomorgyl 2 sometime before, but the last time, approximately

8 to 12 hours after having the pill (on different occasions, 2 months in between)

I have found them dead; as they had died from a cardiac arrest; just dropped dead,

no signs of cramping, no foam around the mouth and clear eyes.

Now reconsidering this, another cat disappeared as well, probably after having

Stomorgyl 2. Other cats surely don’ t like or does not support Stomorgyl 2. (allergy)

The second of the 2 little cats about 12 & 14 months old, was a male, weighed 1,9 KG,

so with 1 pill Stomorgyl 2 is no overdosis possible. But the tomcat should be

at this stage between 3 -3,5 KG and must bigger.

1 other medicament was used (spray against flees) couple of hours earlier same day.

Nevertheless STOMORGYL 2 seems to be able to kill your cat, and can be dangerous !

(specially in already weakened or sick cats).

Of course, it is possible that the cat felt a lot better with the medication,

took more exercise, played more, but the heart could not follow up & stopped.

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It's incredible that you have posted 7 years after my first post (which I had completely forgotten about) and 8 days after my dog was put to sleep.

I am indeed sorry to hear about your little cats and, believe me, I understand about the pain of losing your pets.

Our dog was 14 years old and she had dementia.  We nursed her intensively for several months and the last few weeks before she had the jab, one of us was with her practically every moment of the day and night.  We treasured it all.  Now we can reflect with tears in our eyes but with no regrets because it was time.  The last few days she could barely stand as her hind legs had lost most of their former power.

I could almost think that your message was meant to be to remind me that all her life, I fussed about and looked after her and adored her.  No regrets at all especially remembering all the joy and fun she brought into our lives, her unconditional love for us and ours for her.

Thank you for your post.  

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