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My cat keeps injuring itself - need help


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We have a green grill fence (cloture grillage) around our property. The fence has spikes at the top like most do.

The trouble is, the cat keeps injuring itself on it when climbing over. She is at the vet again today requiring stitches and this is the forth time.

I am thinking that there must be some kind of plastic caps that you put on the spikes.

Do these things exist ? I don't know what to google in English never mind French.

Any ideas ?
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Is there one or maybe two particular places where she likes to cross the boundary, or is her crossing a rather random affair?

Most cats have routes and if she follows true to form you could probably knock up a protective cover with three bits of wood fixed together in a U shape. Turn upside down and place over the top of the fence at her crossing point(s). Each would probably need to be around 1 - 1.5m long.
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The cat goes everywhere so there no particular route.

I have counted them, and there is over 1000 spikes.

I found this, but it is a 250 pounds investment. Eek.


The valve cap on a car wheel (or something similar is what I need. Although some plastic car piping could work if I find the right diameter. The spikes are very small. I would just slip it on and cut.

There must be something.
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Probably some small bore clear tube like used for aquariums or car windscreen washers, buy it by the metre and cut it to length, exactly what you said, that would give the least visual impact for the neighbour.


Otherwise do what I do with my coat hooks on the trendy looking but damaging wire shelf/coat rack thingys, I push champagne corks over them to protect the coats, well OK wine corks.


1000 should only take you a week or so to build up and its free and saving the planet, if not ask your mates in Eymet to contribute.


The only snag is that the French around here collect stuff like that and try to sell collections of them at réderies, a neighbour here would pinch the lot and probably sharpen the spikes at the same time.

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Sorry to hear about your cat. Some years ago we discreetly cut out three small square holes at the bottom of our grillage one at each end, one in the middle so that our cat could nip through quickly when she was being chased by a local tom! Worked a treat.

Mrs KG
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