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http://www.apf.asso.fr/  - advice on various items and services

http://www.apf.asso.fr/vivreauquotidien/indexN2.php?rubr=9  - rights and procedures

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um4Y7fYrs04&feature=related - video assessing accessibility in towns

http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/health-care-in-france.html  - links to healthcare  info

http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/2007/11/travel-and-acco.html  - Travel and accommodation for disabled people

http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/2008/02/uk-benefits-and.html - UK benefits and allowances after moving to France

http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/2007/12/we-all-need-a-h.html  - holidays in France for disabled people

http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/2008/11/fight-to-reinst.html  - Fight to reinstate benefits from UK

http://www.nipauvrenisoumis.org/ - campaign for a fair income for people unable to work

Asssociation des Paralyses en France - your rights and assistance available for living in France

Handicap.fr - information about services providing autonomy to the disabled

http://www.handicap.gouv.fr/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=2   Info on La Maison départementale des personnes handicapees - rights etc

http://anpes.free.fr/  - National association of parents of deaf children

http://wal.autonomia.org/ - news, publications, links, info on disability issues in France and Belgium.

Association Valentin Hauy - Similar to RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) offering support & advice, useful product catalogue, training and postal lending library. 

Fédération Française des Associations de Chiens guides d'aveugles (FFAC) - Guide dogs for the blind.


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