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Electric scooter

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Has any one any experience of these in France?

I am thinking of something like this

In particular:

 do you have to buy them yourself, or is there any help from the Sécu?

If there is no help can you hire them?

What about work needed to make access to the garage etc?

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Perhaps I can help you on this; we run a business selling mobility scooters which is based in the Charente but which delivers across France.

Regarding a grant to purchase, depending on your handicap and the MDPH in your region, it is very occasionally possible to get assistance to purchase a scooter. However clients of ours who have applied have generally had to wait an average of 18 months for a decision and only those on the maximum disability level have qualified. With regard to hiring, depending on where you live in relation to our offices the cost of transport to/from can be very expensive - usually buying a scooter is cheaper. You need to be able to keep any electric scooter dry so in a garage, hallway, sous-sol is fine next to a normal electric power point for recharging (all our scooters arrive with their own chargers).

Hope this helps but if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. Catriona RILEY

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