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French Carers Allowance

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Hi, does anybody know if there is an equivalent  of the carers allowance payable in France, and what it is called,  my husband became disabled in France and receives the APA because he is over 65, this pays for a woman to come and clean and keep an eye on him for 3 hours a week while I can go out, I could have more help but don't really need it and can manage.  He is classed as 80% disabled and is on AGGIR 2, whatever that means.


I don't understand how they work out what we are entitled to, I had to give details of our income and savings, somebody did come and visit to see what kind of help I would need when he came home from hospital, but since we didn't know just how bad he would be it was difficult to say what we needed, never mind the fact I had no idea what kind of help was out there, if I knew then what I know now I would have saved myself both money and stress.   


We are managing with the practicalities, but it would be nice to have a bit of extra money just to pay for extras. 


Any sort of info would be appreciated
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Just thought you would like an update, i've been to see the social worker. She said i might be able to get some of the money allocated to us through the APA benefit if i was employed by my husband, but no, just had a letter this morning saying because i lived with him it was rejected.

So, that means no carers allowance from the uk and nothing from France.

if anybody has any advice on what happens when you become disabled here, i would be very grateful.

Even our E121 is just for retirement, so haven't got the full 100 per cent.
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Regarding the retirement E121 and the level of reimbursement from CPAM:

If your partner already has the carte d'invalidite 80% then it should be possible to get the level of reimbursements changed by CPAM.  You would need to go in to CPAM to get his file updated with the new information. There is a bit more info in THIS thread.

If he doesn't have the carte d'invalidite then you can apply for one and a parking macaron at the same time. As part of the process, he will be assessed and advised about other available assistance (financial and practical). See THIS  thread for how to apply.

I hope some of this is of use. Good luck.

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