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Insurance for Digital Hearing aids

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Hi all

can't find a more appropriate place to post this but happy to move if need be.

I recently purchased a pair of digital hearing aids in the UK. I am now back in la belle France and I need to get them insured. Personally I would like to have them insured against every eventuality - damage, breakdown, theft and loss as they cost 3000GBP and are of great value to me.

Our personal possessions are insured through our bank (CIC). When Dh spoke with them they said that they would only insure the aids against damage / breakdown that occurs at home as per any other personal possession. And that this was the best we could expect to find in France.

Anyone have any experience of insuring such items in France?
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OH has recently acquired these in France.  At our request, the supplier gave us a brochure about insurance, farmed out to a special company, but the premiums were quite high and it was clear that they would only pay out in very rare circumstances, so we decided to just take good care of them (no wearing in rain or in wind or on planes etc etc.)

Sorry this isn't terribly helpful

Chrissie (81)

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