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Having finally reached the stage where I'm heartily sick of putting up with a house that is less than suitable for me - I had a prod at the insurance company today to find out if they'd cough up to have some more works done.  You could have knocked me down with a feather when ten minutes later they e-mailed me back and said that they are prepared to do further works and will send out a specialist architect to have a look around and decide what I need.

Obviously, I have some ideas (the kitchen is a virtual no-go zone, I can't get safely up the stairs etc) but I wondered if those of you with disabilites might have some other ideas about the kinds of things that can be overlooked.  Briefly, I can walk short distances but cannot stand for long periods at a time, and I cannot easily get up from a low chair or seat.

I don't want to take anybody for a ride but as we have had to halt our plans for the house because I can't do any work myself, and I'm stuck with my bed in the sitting room because I can't use the upstairs, I do feel that I have a good case for some major works.  Anybody on here ever gone through this themselves?  Any pointers as to what to expect?  How much can I expect them to contribute - for instance, if I have to have my kitchen enlarged and re-modelled (which I think is essential) should they pay for the flooring, given that the current stuff isn't great quality, nor is it in very good condition?

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Would it be possible to get an occupational therapist or mobility expert to come to your house and suggest aids and other things which could help you with day to day living?

If the floor is in poor condition it will be a hazzard and could cause you or your OH  further injury.

Bon courage.

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