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DLA Care payment stopped after 6 months of living here!

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My 4 weekly DLA benefit has not been paid this month.

I am at a loss to understand why this has happened. No letter, no notification

and no warning. When I contacted the UK DLA benefit helpline yesterday, they

were just as vague. I am wondering if anyone has experience or information

regarding this "6 month rule" that the helpline person talked about.

Basically, I exported my DLA benefit (care) when I moved over here 7 months

ago. I received the confirmatory letter from DWP 2 months later (June) saying

that I remain entitled to the DLA Care payment and this would continue to be

paid whilst I am living here in France. I continued to receive my 4 weekly


In December, there was no payment, so I called the DLA helpline and was told

the DLA payment was suspended as the DWP would only pay the first 6 months

whilst I was living in France. I told them the confirmatory letter I received

in June made no reference to any 6 month "rule", neither was there

anything I could see on the Internet which would confirm this. The helpline

lady told me the payments were suspended after 6 months for them to look at my

National Insurance contributions, which I presumed they had already done so to

decide whether the DLA was exportable in the first place! There is now no

telephone number available to speak to the Exportability Team who deal with

this and the helpline lady refused to put me through to them, saying that I

would have to probably wait several months for a decision.

My wife receives Carers Allowance based on the fact I receive DLA and this has


Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Mike, you need to join the Facebook campaign site


You need to get a basic profile, set all your settings to private so nobody else can read what you/we're saying, ask for permission to join and I'll grant you access, there are some serious experts on there.

It's too complex to go into here.

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Just an update re my situation.

Following an urgent email of complaint sent directly to DWP a few days ago, stating they had made an error...this evening I received an apologetic call from the manageress of the Exportability team. Apparently I received the wrong information from the DLA Helpline, and an automatic payment "error" had resulted in my DLA payment being "unsent".

The manageress had no idea where the DLA customer service person received information that the DLA payment had been suspended, neither did she know anything about any 6 month rule or any National Insurance issue! The missing payment will be paid ASAP.

Thanks to TonyFDordogne for his assistance and apologies, but Facebook is just a bit beyond me!

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