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Aude residents - please approve my proposal

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I have had a proposal published to improve access to pavements all over the department, after watching many people struggle to navigate the high kerbs and obstructions from our window.

The proposal is here [url]https://jeparticipe.aude.fr/dialog/budget-participatif-2020[/url]
under the theme "Routes et mobilités"

This is a proposal for ongoing consideration, as mobility seems very low on the priority list for local government.

The pavements in our town were remade a couple of years ago, and as well as making the kerbs higher, they created new ones, built large concrete planters on them, and narrowed them to a few inches in many places, to create more parking spaces.

If you agree that my suggestion is useful, please "aimer" it, and pass it on to others.

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I don't live in the department, but I am very well aware of the problem which I have also noticed here and in neighbouring departments
Getting up and down off pavements and negotiating obstacles on them is a nightmare for people in mobility scooters, but also for people with pushchairs.
One classic was a  pedestrian crossing in Mirepoix  which led to the local post office. Not only was there no dropped kerb on either side but once you had crossed the road there was a barrier that wouldn't let you get off it..

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Actually I'm not now sure that approving proposals, or even making them, is exclusively for Aude residents, as it doesn't actually say so in the General Conditions.

Maybe, Norman, you could try?

In any case, the site doesn't seem very active, and there are very few proposals with more than a couple of supporters.

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