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kids back to school?


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Hi all
Could you give me some advice
My wife and i and our three kids {9,7 and 5} were due to move over before the end of the summer holidays, but have been delayed by a couple of weeks {hopefully no more!}
Do you think we should send them back to there school here for this time or keep them off.They have all said there goodbyes etc and this is one aspect that bothers us.Im sure you all get the picture.
Any opinions would be gratefully recieved,

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Hi Mike

We are in exactly the same position. We won't be in France now until at least 26th September - like your children ours have said all their 'goodbyes' and have even had a little leaving party. I have spoken to the school in UK as they are supposed to start back this Friday the headmaster has said that it would be best to keep them off as it could be even more upsetting for them to return and get re-aquainted with all their friends and to go through the process of saying all the goodbyes again.
I hope this is of some to help to you - it doesn't help that I have sold all their uniforms!!

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