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Home tutor wanted in dept 29


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Dear Forum

I am looking for a tutor for my son who is slightly delayed educationallly and would love to get an engllish speaking tutor to set tasks/work for him on all subjects of French education. Maybe this could be twice a week etc. A retired teacher from england who would like a few extra euros a week would be ideal.

We are in Finistere in Plouye.

Neil Perry
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I know Plouy as my husband has been doing a large renovation job there for a while. You should speak to your son's teacher about being referred to a proper Orpthophoniste for bilingual speech assistance and you can claim the cost back on your health cover once the local doctor has agreed and put a prescription into the Orphthophoniste to take your son on. My boy did a year as he has mild dyslexia and it did wonders for his french writing and confidence.
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