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Good news about school!


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GONE is the directeur who refused to have my son in the school when we first arrived, because my son wasn't fluent in French. Yippeeeee!!!!!

GONE is last year's maitresse who, when she wasn't yelling at them like a demented grizzly bear, was ripping pages out of their cahiers and giving them masses of homework. No time for sport or anything else fun last year in her curriculum. Yippeeeee!!!!!!

New maitresse this year for CM2, who seems normal, intelligent, motivated, and imaginative. They have lanceurs d'criture, they have sport, they do a bit of theatre, a bit of music, a bit of
arts plastiques. She's even managed to produce a timetable.

Still only 4 old computers for 100 children, and no English lessons, and no big excitement like ski-ing trips, but things are definitely looking up. Long may it continue!

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>GONE is last year's maitresse who,
>when she wasn't yelling at
>them like a demented grizzly
>bear, was ripping pages out
>of their cahiers and giving
>them masses of homework.
>No time for sport or
>anything else fun last year
>in her curriculum. Yippeeeee!!!!!!

ummmm yes we have one of those

>New maitresse this year for CM2,
>who seems normal, intelligent, motivated,
>and imaginative. They have
>lanceurs d'criture, they have sport,
>they do a bit of
>theatre, a bit of music,
>a bit of
>arts plastiques. She's even managed
>to produce a timetable.

Are you really sure she's French ?

>Still only 4 old computers for
>100 children, and no English
>lessons, and no big excitement
>like ski-ing trips, but things
>are definitely looking up.
>Long may it continue!

In one of our schools ski trips are out, because 1/2 the population is too poor to afford the 50% cost and consequently the teachers will not go on a trip with only half the class. However this school is superbly stocked in terms of computers and other equipment - but only by virtue of its fee paying Anglophone section.

In the village school, there are ski trips but few computers - personally I would prefer it the other way round.




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