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We will be moving to Dept 46, near Cahors next year and will be living near La Bastide Murat. Hopefully the plan is to be in our house at the start of the summer holidays . We would like to make contact with any English families that have children in or around the 9 yrs age group, in this area. So our son could make friends and make starting school in Septembe a little easier. He will of been having French Lessons for eight months by then, we would like to make starting school and making friends as painless as possible

I look forward to any replies


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>the plan is to be
>in our house at the
>start of the summer holidays
>. We would like
>to make contact with any
>English families that have children
>in or around the 9
>yrs age group, in this
>area. So our son
>could make friends and make
>starting school in Septembe a
>little easier. He will of
>been having French Lessons for
>eight months by then, we
>would like to make starting
>school and making friends as
>painless as possible
> Don't be too worried about him making friends before hand. We moved here just as School ended and our son (although a bit younger) spent the summer on his own as we our only neighbours are elderly. He has been happy at school from day one and has now no problems with conversing with his french friends and he is now translating for me!(except when he gets in a strop and decides to drop me in it) He had only the minimum words - bonjour, merci etc when we got here just over 12 months ago!
From experiance it's easy to get stressed out on the kids behalf - believe me it's not necessary. Good luck
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