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We are moving to Benessay between Parthenay and Poitiers in May and are struggling to find schools. Our son has moderate learning difficulties, so would find it very hard to intergrate into a French school. Could anyone please offer advice
Many thanks
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LAST EDITED ON 06-Feb-04 AT 01:48 PM (GMT)

You are right, a normal french school would probably not take him anyway. My hairdressers brother has Down's and the local Maternelle would not take him. He ended up in an institution for mentally handicapped children.

You should phone your local Academie or Inspection, you'll find the numbers under Administration in your yellow pages. You may even find some numbers that deal with handicaps too.

I used to be a volunteer for Mencap and sometimes I wonder where on earth the handicapped people are in France. Well away from 'normal' life and the general public around here at least. Very very occassionally I will see a group of adults in a big supermarket, but where the 'children' are I have no idea.

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