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I have a French friend whose husband has just been offered a posting in London - his firm are paying for their son to go to the Lyce in London and for accommodation. So far so good. But due to their financial commitments (2 children at Uni) she will have to keep working. She is a teacher, currently primary but has taught all ages.

She would desperately love to accompany her husband to London but would have to work there. Unfortunately, her English is poor and I doubt that she would find it easy to get a job teaching French in a school. I suggested a foreign language school or perhaps that French Club that someone once mentioned on here. I know that there are some Montessori schools that give French at a very early age, but I do not know of any. Or perhaps French lessons, privately, or, or, or.........

I couldn't even tell her the going rate for private French lessons in the UK, or where she should advertise without being misconstrued.

They will be living within travelling distance of the school (Kensington) and Waterloo, as the husband will be travelling to Paris on a regular basis. She does not know a soul in London.

Does anyone have any ideas? I feel for the poor woman as what is effectively a brilliant chance for the family is turning out to be a real problem for her.

Many thanks for any ideas.

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I think you are right that unless her English is at least OK she won't get anywhere as a teacher - apart from anything else she will probably be expected to be a tutor, cover other subjects etc. How about a language assistant? I suspect the pay is poor, but probably better than private tutoring.


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