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Registering for School


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Could any of you well informed people tell me the correct procedure, for Registering your children for the local school.
I thought it was just a matter of registering with the local mayor and the school.
Its just today I have read a newspaper article, which says I need to get a Carte Vitale.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Having just moved to France (dept. 17) on Jan 4 I found it couldn't have been easier. Flew in on Sunday, went to see the headmistress on Monday lunchtime, popped over to the mayor that afternoon to get the attestation (no proof of address or cds requested) and went back to the school later that afternoon. My daughter started at ecole maternelle the following day! Did need to take her passport (and mine), her birth certificate and her vacination record to both the mayor's office and the school. I also needed assurance scholaire which I arranged at the local insurance office by just popping in one day. However, there is still the outstanding issue of my daughter's TB vacination - it is required in France but would not have been done here until she was older (she's only 5). I haven't yet done this and it didn't stop her from starting at school.

Of course, deciphering all the notes that come back from the school in another matter!

Good luck.
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Hubby has just come back from France where he visited one of the local ecole maternelles in the town, which really impressed him! The other was full, and this one had just 2 spaces left, which we have booked!! We may try and get a place in the other school as its very close to where we want to live (opposite!)

Apparently there was a baby boom due to Millenium babies (our daughter was 10 weeks before that!) which has impacted on school spaces... is this true everywhere?

Meanwhile, I agree with Sandra about the list of things which were asked for.....

Best wishes
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