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A child needs a friend


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We have been living near Casteljaloux, just south of Marmande (dept 47)for the past 5 months. My daughter, who is 8 years old, currently attends the local school but is struggling to make friends with any of the children there. The school is very small, aprox 23 children in one class with ages rangeing from 5 - 10. Of these 23 children there are about 4 girls who are my daughters age or older. The language barrier is obviously a huge problem for all of the children and coupled with the lack of numbers at the school, is clearly preventing my daughter from making any friends. Inspite of being quite a shy and reserved child, this was a problem she had not encountered prior to France. As such, she is desperate to meet some children(one would do)of her own age that she is able to communicate and play with, during this rather lonely settling in period.

Please let me know if you can help.
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This isn't such an isolated problem in my experience. Even those kids who appear to settle in well seem to benefit from contact with others 'like themselves', & sometimes not because of a specific problem.
I live in dept. 34, where I am involved in an initiative to get some ex-pat kids together. To begin with, I'm getting some younsters together (originally ages 4,5&6 ,but now inc some 9 year-olds) to do english language activities. As an offshoot, a couple of older children are now talking of getting a web-site page together.
I realise that its a little far from you, but you may be able to find or found a similar group near you,-in fact if there are already other groups of this kind any where I would love to know so that we can swop experiences etc.(maybe even arrange visits?)
The only other advice I can offer is to try to find a fun,wednesday or saturday activity near you with kids the same age.Most areas have lots of activities for children. Perhaps you can find out from the town hall or other parents.
Hope this helps & when I know more about the proposed web site page I'll post the info!
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I also have two sons, one of whom is finding the adjusting process very tough - he's ten and we live in dept 16 - so anymore friends out there?

All of the comments on the thread ring true and whilst we know as adults its a matter of time it is difficult for a child to understand this.

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