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AUTISM - Special Program (Help needed)


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Hello there, my name is Billy..... i'm 4 years old & i'm lucky enough to be going to America in May this year for a Special Program to help with my Autism.

On my return i shall be in need of help in a "One to One" education program, in my special room. No qualifications needed, apart from a good & happy disposition. My Mum & Dad need to do this all day every day for me, & so i'm sure that you can imagine they need as much help as possible so they can retain some Sanity while i learn & grow. The success rate of this program is extremely high, so i have no doubt that i shall one day be able to read things like this email, as you are now doing.

Whatever you can offer, in the way of time, either on a Voluntary basis (because i am rather a cute little chap) or as a paid position (We do have a small budget) would be much appreciated.

We live in the "Riberac" area (Dept 24) & transport can be arranged.

If interested please call my mum (Donna) on 05 53 91 57 90. Thanks for taking the time to read this email...... have a great day!

Love Billy
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