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What would you search?


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My children go to a state College/Lycee with an international section (British) in Western France. They are currently updating their website and have asked me what people in the UK would enter into a search engine to find this type of school.

They also have recently started up a German section.

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'anglophone section' or perhaps 'international school'

Note that getting a top listing on search engine is not just about having the right words in the pages - it is about getting (and to a lesser extent making) referral links from other sites. This means that they should try and get referrals from sites of other similar schools and from sites listing schools. e.g

http://perso.wanadoo.fr/elsa.france/ecoles.htm and many others

This is the web site for the internation school where my kids go to. http://www.anglophonesectionfontainebleau.com

If you do a search on 'Anglophone Section' on google.fr it will come up with most of the French international school web sites and/or references.


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I often run thru Wanadoo Fr and always type in Lycee as my daughter wants to go to lycee, recently have been searching lycee vannes - lycee morbihan. I seem to have found all the lycees locally, also I use pages jaunes, because if a website exist they give you a link.

Which lycee are yours at? the Anglo American @ Rennes, suggested an international to my daughter but she says she would prefer to be totally immersed in french. Cant decide best option.


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Could I ask where this college/lycee with an international (british) section is in Western France? We are looking at colleges in the Vendee around la chataigneraie/Chantonnay area for our 13 year old son.
Would be very interested to know.

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