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Info. on Bordeaux Int. School. please


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Is there anyone out there with children at the international school in Bordeaux (or have friends with children there)?

I know from reading previous postings that getting to and from the school is difficult in rush hour traffic. So if anyonce could answer some of the following, it would be very helpful.

How do your children travel?
Where do they travel from?
How difficult/easy do they find it?

Any help would be appreciated.
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My 13 old daughter travels from Toulouse to Bordeaux by train and there she meets other colleagues. They take a taxi or a bus together. Don't know where you are or how old your child is. Traffic is mad and my hubbie always gets it wrong there when driving. As awful as it sounds, train and bus/taxi can be a good solution.
Ask the school, they always try to help as much as possible.
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