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I've been told that in France that if your child isn't vaccinated then you can get a certificate from your Doctor to say your child is healthy for them to gain entry into school.

Does anyone know anymore about this?


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I wouldn't have thought so. Even at Lyce you still have to provide details every year of all vaccinations with dates and boosters. From reading postings of newly arrived in France it seems most primary schools require proof of the actual vaccinations especially TB.
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The following list is how it works here. There was a law that was proposed last year that may take account of consicencious objectors, but as far as I know it has not been passed yet.

De 0 6 ans
- BCG : obligatoire et pratiqu lge d'un mois. Ncessaire pour l'entre en collectivit (crche, maternelle). Une injection suivie du test tuberculinique 3 12 mois plus tard.
- Diphtrie-ttanos-coqueluche-poliomylite : 3 injections 1 mois d'intervalle partir de 2 mois. Un rappel 16-18 mois, puis tous les 5 ans.
- Hpatite B : ds l'ge de 2 mois, 3 injections un mois d'intervalle, puis un rappel 1 an plus tard.
- ROR : rougeole-oreillons-rubole : recommand pour les filles comme pour les garons ds leur entre en collectivit. Deuxime dose avant 6 ans.

De 11 13 ans
- Diphtrie-ttanos-poliomylite : troisime rappel.
- Coqueluche : un deuxime rappel de vaccination contre la coqueluche est recommand chez tous les enfants. Un 3me aprs la date de la deuxime injection.
- BCG : si le test tuberculinique est ngatif, les enfants seront vaccins ou revaccins.

De 16 18 ans
- Diphtrie-ttanos-poliomylite : 4me rappel. Les prochains rappels se feront tous les dix ans.
- Rubole : pour les jeunes filles non vaccines. Attention sans contraception !
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