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Home education and exams


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I am now reluctantly about to embark on teaching various GCSE syllabuses at home, although my personal belief is that exams tend to test how well a child can cope with exams and not always how much knowledge they have. However, I also realise that educational success is generally measured by potential employers by the amount of certificates that a teenager can wave at them!

I would be really interested to hear from any home educator as to whether they have chosen ( or will choose) not to enter their child/children for formal exams.

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I agree with what you say about exams & while this is true , the western culture we live in requires us to have certain qualifications in order to follow a certain profession. Its just the way it is. If you know what career you want to follow you can take just the ones you need.

I have read a book by Gareth Lewis called "unqualified education" which talks about this very thing & offers stacks of pratical adivice on learning at home for 11-18 yr olds

It is written by a home edding family living in france.

www.nezertbooks.net     email:info@nezertbooks.net


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