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History of a house - how to find out?


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As the owner of a recently renovated village house in the Herault department (Languedoc) I would be very interested to find out something of its history.

The documents I got from the Notaire after the purchase only trace the ownership back to the 1960s, but it's much older than that. My artisans reckoned it could be about three hundred years old, but there's no way of knowing unless I can find some documentation.

Would the Marie be the place to ask? Has anyone else tried this?

The house has obviously changed its layout many times, so it would be great to find out more about how it used to be.

Thanks in advance.
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I had a problem earlier in the year when I discovered that I was paying my neighbour's impots.  When I went to the Hotel d'Impots, they had the file on the house.  Year constructed approx., etc.

I believe a lot of records were destroyed/not kept and the maps of the villages weren't always drawn either.  For one of our other houses they only had plans of the village dating back to 1956....

So.  You could try the Hotel d'Impots.  If they are in a helpfull mood (and time on their hands) you can learn a lot.

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