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Want to Study Film-making in France!


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Hi People!

I'm Seda from Yerevan, Armenia. I'm 17 and study at the Yerevan  State

Institute of Cinema and Theatre. I study documental film-making and

going to become a film-director! It's my aim and the second aim is to

study in France because it's my favourite country. Now I want to come

to France. Please tell me where I can study film-making in France. I'd

like to study for free, but if U even don't know any free courses

please write here all the best courses you know. And please write in

English because I'm just learnin' French and can't read yet;)


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hello ive got a couple of friends that are dooing this study they are both french ive spoken to my girlfriend who was at art school with them and she thinks that you will need to pass an entrance course before beeing accepted into a good school this will be in french. you might be able to work something out as a foreign student with the help of your present school. if you send me an email address we can try andget you some addresses of schools and some more information so that you can get a better idea if this is possible and how to go about it.  
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