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Dance Classes..


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..i have enrolled my daughter in classes and would like to know what I am supposed to buy...

Chaussons noirs (semelles en cuir et non en caoutchouc)

Pantalon trompette noir ou collant lycra noir sans pied

Justaucorps en lycra de couleur unie

And also, I need to get a Certificat medical de non contre-indication a la gymnastique volontaire - what is this?



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Black shoes with a leather sole (not rubber) - ballet pumps I guess.

Black footless lycra tights (don't know what trumpet trousers are, sorry!)

Lycra leotard in one colour

Make a doctor's appointment and ask the doctor for the certificate. You will pay for the appointment but normally the certificate is free. If your daughter is known to the doctor you may be able to call up the receptionist and request the certificate without an appointment. It just states there is no reason why your child cannot take part in a sport or other physical activity.




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