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Enrolling in French school while in temporary accommodation


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We are in the early stages of re-locating to France. Hopefully we will find a gite/gites to rent while we search for and purchase a house. We have two children, a boy aged 8 years and a girl of 11 years (in last year of primary school UK). Is it possible to enroll them in a school while in temporary accommodation? We understand the housebuying process can take up to six months.

We are looking in the Cotes d'Armor region of Brittany.


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Just a word of warning. You really need to think about what you will be putting the kids through (friends, language, etc) I know this because i did it and once my children were settled in school (and it took 6 months) they didn't want to leave to go and do it all again just because i had found the house that i wanted to buy.

It was very hard for them (11 and 13), they had to attend lessons which were delivered in French with little available support to learn the new language quickly.

I now know how they feel as i am a teacher and about 30% of my students are imigrants who cannot speak English or have very little understanding of it. I would like to spend time with them, but i have no time spare. I have targets to meet and another 70% to get through exams.

Yours will be embarking on college, with hefty exams at the end so will need all the language suport you can get them to ensure they achieve. Youth unemployment in France is bad enough without the disadvantage of low bac grade because of language limitations. Saying that, the boys did pick it up slowly, but as i said, they were way behind on the knowledge front.

Support and structure will be the keys to success....

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I am wondering can any of your readers can  help me with some problems !

Firstly - School-- could readers advise me re the numbers of English speaking children age  approx 7 years attending  schools located near them in the Dordogne !

 We live in the north Dordogne and are in the processing of moving in the next few months within this locality. We have a 6 year old girl who will move from her present school ( in France) and we want to locate near to a school with some english schoolchildren.

Secondly  problem any advise on a (child) Psychologist english speaking in region 24 !


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