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schools aubeterre/riberac


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we're moving to the area in june and would appreciate any feedback on the local primary schools.

we had planned on the local school in aubeterre but after reading through all the posts it seems that people who move to france often start out in one school and end up moving to another after encountering one problem or another. so now i'm in a panic! 

was hoping someone could give some feedback on the school in aubeterre and also the private school in riberac (notre dame). 

would really really appreciate any info at all, as we won't get chance to do another visit before schools break up, and we didn't think to check out the private one.


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Sorry, don't know about the school in Aubeterre but our daughter went to the local primaire when we came over in 2001 and she didn't have much bother integrating. We are about 15 mins from both Riberac and Aubeterre. I also know of quite a few Brit kids who have since enrolled in the surrounding local primaires, also without incident.

I have heard mixed reports about the Notre Dame in Riberac and as I haven't actually got any first hand knowledge, cannot comment other than to say that I think it would be a real pain having to ferry your kid(s) back and forth every day to Riberac from Aubeterre when the local primaire would be every bit as good (and free!). After all, in my opinion, a school is just as good as the teacher your child happens to get and whether they hit it off together (which, really isn't something you can forsee either in French schools or British schools!).

I think most children will find it a little tough at first in any strange school, especially a foreign one, but given a little time, primary school age children especially, are usually very adaptable and as long as the parents don't pass on their worries to them, they will settle down and you will be surprised at how quickly they will integrate, and become fluent. It really is a great joy when you hear them for the first time (usually on the phone!) speaking French to their friends! 

Best of luck


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If you are moving in June you will have time to check out the school before they break up in July. I do not know anything about the schools in your area, but our grandson came from California and I enrolled him in the Private school in our village. Only because I wasn't sure where the public one was and we knew kids who went to the private one. The public school seems just as good. He settled in straight away and frankly his behaviour improved incredibly. There were other English speakers in the class and they helped him enormously.

Might I suggest that you enrol your children before the school breaks up as then they will have met other children and will have some friends to play with during the hols. It is daunting to have eight weeks off school and no-one you know to play with.

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thanks for your replys, thinking i'm just looking for a bit of reassurance

i'm pretty much set on going to the local school i just thought i'd better explore the alternatives, i've heard a few nightmare stories of kids in france who didn't settle at the first school they went to etc.

this move has been at the back of our minds for a few years so they have already been going to french school over here so the language won't be such a shock although they haven't been used to it all day long.  My 6 year old is very sensitive and easily loses confidence therefore its the environment thats important more than anything else,  looking for somewhere nice and friendly and caring, as i know she'll need a bit of encouragement at the beginning.

hoping to enroll them in the centere de loisirs over the summer to make a few friends.

just wondering if anyone knows if anywhere does swimming lessons

thanks again

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