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Hi there,


As son is about to leave for Uni in the UK, I am investigating all options for student loans,   I understand the system in the UK and worry about the mass of debt accrued on both capital and interest after 3 years, and no incentive to reduce it, until of course they try to apply for other loans later in life such as mortgages!!   So I am now investigating french student loans, pay off interest only on a monthly basis for first three years, then have to a maximum of 10 years to pay of capital, Britline fix this at 3.9% , anyone here can quote other bank rates here in France?


Lollie 44

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For the 2008/9 UK academic year there are non-repayable means tested grants and bursaries of nearly £4000 available to qualifying students who have applied for loans. If he qualifies for them - they are means tested, he could save this to pay back his loan at the end of his course (or may have his loan reduced by the grant anyway), or reduce the amount that you will need to find to support him.
As you probably know the student loan interest rate is set from the RPI each March and is now 4.8%. The previous year it was 2.4%, but with all such decisions I think your son should only borrow (longterm) in the country where he is likely to earn his living.


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