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Help ! - Idiots guide to peage please


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Im sure it's very straightforward, but to avoid an irate queue behind us, can someone tell me what happens at the automatic peage booths. I've got a French Bank card and PIN - so I just need to know what order to put ticket, card etc in and what prompts the machine will give me. I don't function well under pressure.

Thanks in anticipation!

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All the Peages that we have used and paid with our carte bleue just require the card to be inserted. no need to type the pin in.

put the ticket in - check orientation of it with the picture

put the carte bleue in

take carte bleue back when it spits it out

barrier will lift automatically

some may ask if you require a receipt and you just press the button to the side and take the receipt
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[quote]One other point is that the Peages also accept UK cards unlike the automatic Petrol stations. Baz[/quote]

While UK credit cards will work in all peage machines, I am not to sure that UK debit cards work, eg Switch/Maestro.  Anyone tried it, now they are chip and pin?

There are some pre-paid sections of A road, there is one beyond Cahors on the south end of the A20 and  also around Toulouse where you just pay before using the route, no ticket is used.  If you are uncertain of the process of paying in auto pay lanes and don't want to hold people up, you can get in the attendant queue and hand your card and ticket to a person,  again no PIN is required. 

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