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Old Land Rover saild through Certificate of Conformity


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Hooray, some good news at last.  Only took a week, I posted the request to Land Rover France and it was returned in just 7 days, brilliant. I did not even ask for another form I just typed up my own letter in the same style as their original and provided the info and the dosh and that was that. It must have been on their computer with no anomalies.

Now the dilema....I have decided this time to take the forms personally to the Prefecture but do I wait until after April 1st when DRIRE is supposedly being privatised in Carcassonne, or do I confidently go tomorrow hoping I do not even have to be sent to Mr Grumpy at DRIRE?????  Hummm I think a cool glass of muscat in the evening sun is needed to make that decision but I certainly feel a lot happier.

Meanwhile the old Range Rover is in pieces at the garage, but I will be pleased to have a legal car to drive soon.

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Sorry but we have a had a few motors that although we have had a C de Con, we have still had to go to the DRIRE for it to be confirmed that all is as original and no modifications had been done. Hopefully you will be OK.

We have had 3 Pajeros for instance, that have had their C de Con and we have had to go to the DRIRE for examination. All 3 had things that needed doing before they could give the pass.

One of them was simply having to change all the tyres (expensive) back to what Mitsibushi had entered as their original tyres. The English chap had fitted off road tyres, legal in the UK but not acceptable to the DRIRE in France.

Sorry to hear about the gas conversion problems but if it is any comfort (I suspect it won't be !) we have had a couple that the DRIRE would not accept, regardless of the UK certificate saying it was fitted to EU standards.


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