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Hi all,

We are currently having a house built in 82, with completion due around Christmas. In the meantime I would like to keep a BMW motorbike permanently at a friend's house nearby. As the bike is currently on German plates (don't ask!) I have the option of registering it here in the UK or in France, hopefully, which is where we will be living permanantly from 2006.

My queries are therefore:

1) Can I register the bike in France even though I am not yet a resident?

2) Would it be possible to arrange French insurance, and if so would it be preferable to have it on French plates?

Many thanks for any assistance, as advice on the net seems to be mainly car oriented.




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Your first question is beyond my knowledge.  My gut feeling is that most procedures here seem to require lots of bits of paper, and I think you may have some trouble not being able to provide proof of residence.  Your best bet is to talk openly with a French agent - they will be able to advise.

With regard to your second query, I brought my UK-plated BMW over to France last year.  I arranged cover with AXA in France at a reasonable rate.  One condition of the cover - which I think is normal here - is that the bike was to be formally imported and re-registered with French plates.  I believe the period quoted was within 3 months of the policy start date.  However - you would be doing very well if you could complete all the paperwork in 3 months!  It was a laborious process, but eventually successful.  Essentially, if you insure in France, you will have to re-register it.  If you want any info on re-registration, email me.

Hope you can sort it out!

Roger (as well!)



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