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Immatriculation & export certificates


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In answer to various peoples worries on this subject - we've just immatriculated a Nissan pick-up. The attestation de conformite from Nissan in Paris was free, and, discounting the fact that it failed the controle technique the first time, we completed the rest in one day. After getting the pick-up back from the Nissan garage, we immediately took it for it's free return CT (which it passed), went to hotel des impots for the certificate de dedouanement, no probs, from there went to the prefecture with all the paperwork - and voila - 10 minutes later a carte grise. Straight round to Carrefour where they have a get-your-numberplates-pdq-here place, and that was it - all in one day!

PS - we only had an export certificate, not the original V5. The moral is... do your homework, get the paperwork together (unlike the English couple in the next booth to us), smile, use lots of monsieurs and madames after the bonjours, and don't believe that you can't do it without the V5.

Watch out for a French reg right hand drive blue pick-up!!

Gill & Alan (in gloat mode)
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