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Sorry - car registration yet again

Tony F Dordogne

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Hi folks

A chum (who does not have internet access) has recently been given a car which is registered in Spain.

He lives in France, currently in a gite for which he has some responsibility for the bills, whilst his house is being built and has done so for about 18 months. He is currently driving a UK registered car.

I've looked through previous threads and can't find a difinitive list of what he needs to register both cars in France but, from what I've seen, I THINK this is the way to do it:

He needs to tell the DVLA that he is exporting his UK registered car

He needs to let the Spanish authorities know he is exporting the Spanish registered car

Then to insure both cars in France and have them both through immatriculation

Go to the Prefecture with:

Current registration documents (which the Prefectur will take from him)

Receipt for Spanish car

His passport

Two forms of identification like household bills

Cheque book

Take ticket, wait in line, fill in forms, pay bill, get paperwork, wait for other paperwork in the post (or does he get it all at the Prefercture) then go somewhere designated to have number plates made and rivetted to the cars.

Any additions, subtractions or comments would be welcome.



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Well done, very close.

Prefecture dosn't want to see the receipt. Take this to the customs and they should give you a chitty to say there is no outstanding VAT, This certificate of dedouanement will be required by Prefecture.

Also needed , CT if over 4 years old and either a full certificate of conformity from manufacturers French office or an attestation from DRIRE.


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