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Speed cameras!


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I have been sent the following by a relative in France...

>>>>The truth about speed cameras

Be warned!

Few days ago on France 2, this little bit of info came about, which makes one think …

On a jolly tone the reporter showed a speed camera somewhere near Clermont-Ferrand, which had been out of action for at least 3 weeks.


Because EDF cut off its supply for an unpaid bill!

Really funny!!

But what is more interesting, as the journalist explained, is that the company which looks after this camera did not pay on time its electricity bill…

A company?… running and looking after these cameras?…

Is it not the State looking after them?

If one thinks of it, it means that people are getting fat on these speed fines drivers have to pay and the money far from going to the Government, which would be a lesser evil, goes in part to some private pocket!

One can only suppose that – as no private enterprise is a philanthropic organisation - they are proportionally interested to the profitability of theses cameras.

Speculation on the safety of the road system – now that is something new!

The government did not tell the public any such thing when it launched its campaign on the many benefits of these cameras…

It is not only about safety on the road but also profit! To crown it all, the director of this enterprise is none other than the brother of the minister Gilles de Robien.

If this does shock you, do tell your friends, it needs to be known.

And if the facts are known, isn’t that in correlation with a sudden stop in the deployment of more of these infamous cameras

Afraid of a new scandal ?<<<<<

Makes you think!... Now you know... safe driving!!!
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