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I'm just about to order a brand new Peugeot 206CC 1.6 from a Peugeot dealer near where I'm buying a house. It should be ready by October, the time my wife and I are moving from Australia to the Loire. Already taken a test drive in a showroom in Australia.

I want to get the insurance organised before we leave and will have a house by the time we leave so an address won't be a problem.

I'd imagine the insurance won't be too much seeing as it's only a tiny 1.6 (don't want a big car anymore), but can anyone recommend a good insurance company with their phone number so I can start getting quotes?

I'm in my mid 30's have full no claims bonuses (transferred from England to Australia and now want to transfer that to France). Currently drive a 2l Kia Sportage 4x4 (only slightly bigger engine) over here costs about $400 (252 euros) per year and it's fully comp and only 2 years old now.

Also, over here in Oz you can get cheaper rates by combining insurances, eg car, building, contents etc with the same company, can this be done in France too?

Any input would be gratefully appreciated.



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just a point :

Full no claims bonus may not be full no claims bonus !

French NCB goes up to 10+ years.

It is transferable, but you need a statement of years earned, rather than a % discount.

Bonne chance



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