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FAQ - Re-importing a UK car back to the UK.


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I have cut an pasted the information below from the following thread.- http://forums.livingfrance.com/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=293&MessageID=216307&TopicPage=5 The information was sent by email to Le Jars from the DVLC (on the 24/08/05) and I have copied it here to share with others.

This is what I got back from the DVLA after emailing them:

Thank you for your email.

On its return to Great Britain an application to register and licence your vehicle must be made as soon as possible at your nearest DVLA Local Office. Their addresses can be found on our web site listed below.

However, applications to register, made at a DVLA Local Office outside your area, will be accepted and then forwarded to the Local Office nearest your home address to be dealt with.

Please note, applications will not be dealt with over the counter.

Keepers who license and register their vehicle(s) using application forms V55/4 or V55/5 will have to produce proof of name and address. A new information leaflet INF148 'Licensing and Registering Your Vehicle Using a V55/4 or a V55/5' has been produced giving details of the identity documents required. If you fail to read this information before submitting your application it may cause a delay in your application being processed.

The following documents will need to be submitted to the Local Office:-

A fully completed application form V55/5;

Appropriate Identity Documentation confirming your name and address;

Either the V561 (UK Certificate of Export), the V5C Registration Certificate, or any documentation you may have relating to the vehicle e.g. foreign log book;

The required fee for the licence (rates of duty available on our website);

A current certificate of insurance issued by a member of the UK Motor Insurance Bureau;

A current British MOT test certificate for:

cars, motorcycles, motor caravans and Light Good Vehicles if more than 3 years old;

passenger carrying vehicles with more than 8 seats and taxis (excluding private hire cars) if more than 1 year old.

A vehicle may be driven unlicensed on a public road if it is going to or coming from a pre-arranged MOT test and the driver is insured for the journey.

On receipt of a completed application, the Local Office will issue a tax disc and forward the papers to DVLA. You will receive a Registration Certificate for the vehicle within about 6 weeks.

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