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I'm trying to get a French 'immatriculation' for my 1994 Citroen ZX avantage and am in the process of preparing for my French MOT next week.

I understand I need to change the headlights but according to the local breaker's yard, my double lamps are particularly rare.

Is anybody aware of whether I can adjust the mountings of my UK lamps to meet French standards?

If so, how would I test for the right adjustment?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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On a ZX, you CAN'T adjust to meet the French regs. The dip is done by prisms cast into the rear of the glass lens that covers each light unit.

I'd persevere with breakers, but also try places like Norauto.

I had a ZX, and IIRC, the ones you need were on the ZX Avantage and the Volcane, but NOT on the Aura, although I may be wrong.

I'd have thought that there were enough ZX's in breaker's yards now, though...............


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Have a look at the following site, new headlights may not be too expensive, and sometimes you can just replace the lenses on Citroens.

If you change the lights yourself, you can get a reasonable adjustment assuming your current lights are not badly adjusted, by putting your car on level ground a few feet in front of a garage wall or something similar, put your existing lights on dip beam then make a mark on the wall where you can see the beam cut off, almost a straight line at the top, it's easier than it sounds. When you fit the new lamps you can align them using the same marks.


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