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Problem of French minibus in UK!


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My friend has left France, due to personal reasons and has a lot to tie up here still.


She has a 9 seater Renault Traffic minibus, registered in Aude that she wants to sell.  The idea is that I go to the UK and drive it back down to sell it as we've had some offers.


The 'bus' needs its CT doing before it can legally be sold (due to the 6month thing).  Can I go to her Mairie, pick up the sale forms, fly with them to the UK, get her to sign them there and then bring the van back, run it through the CT and flog it - LEGALLY?  I have this funny feeling that she needs to be present to sell it - getting the forms from the Mairie after the 'vends le date' has been scrawled across the carte gris!


Can't remember which way around this has to be done ... can someone remind me please!

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