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Insurance for French car in UK

Rob G

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We're moving to Normandy in a couple of months, and are arranging to buy a French LHD car over there in a few weeks' time. We'd like to go and collect it and bring it back over here, use it here for a few weeks and then move over to France with it in November. So I need an insurance policy that will cover it in the UK for the brief time that it'll be here (maybe a month or just over).

Our existing UK insurance company will only insure UK-registered vehicles, so this is no good. Does anyone have any advice on the best way of doing this? I'd be quite happy to get a French policy which we can then continue with once we're living there, but I don't know if a French insurance company will give us cover before we've actually moved over? (As we won't yet have a verifiable French address.)

Also, can anyone give us an idea of how much car insurance costs relative to UK prices?

Finally, I've driven a company car in the Uk for the last five years with no claims. If I can get proof of this, will this be accepable to a French insurer as entitlement to a no claims "bonus"?


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I've just arranged car insurance with this company:

Allée Julien Laudet
32800 - Eauze (France)
Tél. (33) - (0)
Fax (33) - (0)
Email : philip@insurance.fr
I live in Australia at present and am flying out to France in a week and a bits time. My car is still being built but this company are English speaking and very helpful. I don't know if they cover you to drive in the UK, it's something I want to know too but keep forgetting to ask.
I don't know how their costs compare to the UK, but they are a lot higher than Australian companies. I guess the only comparison I can give is that I was paying about 300 pounds a year for my Volvo 460 1.8i 8 years ago fully comp. I've been quoted 700 euros for a brand new Peugeot 206CC 1.6i convertible by this company.
I think you need 13 years no claims to have full no claims in France or whatever the maximum is. I can only prove 7 with my Aussie insurance but this company have given me full no claims.
Hope this helps.
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All (most) French motor insurance is Europe-wide, so, if you are insured in France, you are equally insured in the UK. Get a French policy.

You will not be able to insure a French car without a French address. Nor will you be able to register it with a UK address, so if you are buying the vehicle before you have completed on your house, you will need to arrange the "use" of the address with the Vendors and the Notaire. Tell/ask them what you intend doing and your insurance company will (should!) accept a note from the Notaire stating that you are in the process of buying at this address (as will the Sous-Prefecture for the registration).

There are plenty of places to buy motor insurance on every high street in France. If you find a good broker, they will probably be able to take your company car driving record into account.

I have found that French insurance is about 10-20% cheaper than the UK, although the cover is different (eg. it usually includes breakdown cover).


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