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We have had a reply from Toyota (toyota-info@acticall.com) about obtaining a Certificate de Conformite, that might be of interest to forum members;

"In order to send you an "attestation de conformité" we ask you to send
us a request via regular mail with the following elements :

- your names, address and telephone number.
- a copy of both sides of the current "carte grise" / car registration.
- information on the constructor plate on the motor.
- number of seats.
- dimension of tires.
- braking system (disk or drums).
- cylinder (litre or cubic centimeters).
- automatic or manual gearbox.
- fuel type (gazoline or diesel).

Our address is:

Service Homologation
20 Boulevard de la République
92423 VAUCRESSON cédex

The cost of this service is 115 Euros by check to TOYOTA France.

You will receive the document within four weeks.

Yours sincerely,

Customer Department
Azur Number : 0.810.869.682
From abroad : 00 +


Hope this is of interest,
Dave & Jacqui Alexander



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Its a bit chicken & egg with Toyota then as you need a C de C to get a Carte Grise,  how can you supply  a copy of the Carte Grise? 

I suppose the UK VO 5 suffices in lieu of a Carte Grise.

I did mine through a dealer, all they needed was the VIN/chassis number and model.  Seems a bit rich after YOU supply all that info to them, for 115€ THEY type you out a bit of paper  

You do know that if your vehicle is modern (last five /six years) and sold originally in the EU, it should have an EU  C de C in the Handbook.

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