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What did I do wrong?


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On our journey through France last week we exited the peage from Beaune to Paris at exit 19 and came to a "card only exit".

I completely paniked, we had lots of small change and a 50 Euro note. I could not see any sign of Visa or Maestro. Suddenly this voice came out of a loudspeaker trying to advice me what to do. "Have you got a card", it said. I said no, as I thought it would need a special card like at petrol stations.

I tried to stuff the 50 Euro note through some slot. I felt such a twit!!

In the meantime a queue had formed behind us. Another motorist came to my aid. The disembodied voice told her to take 23 Euros from me and settle with her card. So that worked!

So I now need to know could I just very simply have used my VISA or Maestro card?

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