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Personal reg plates

Ty Korrigan

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I think things on cars. Those alloy hub caps, special exhaust things, special paint and designs.

I realise it isn't particularly french, but I see a lot of cars in our area of France 'done up' like this and I sort of think... shallow, vain and pretentious when ever I see them.


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Two different things I think TU if you don't mind my twopenneth worth. Personal plates on english cars are to my mind saying "here I am and I've got loads of money". Done up cars are usually old vehicles in France where the young lads don't have much money and certainly not enough to buy anything decent so this is what they do and usually at weekends in groups as I found out at the garage in the village here. Most of the done-ups round here are tacky with flames,blacked-out windows and large exhausts etc but I would far rather see that than some huge brit 4x4 swanning about with personalised plates lording it up and saying look at me. I'll wait for the flak now I've said my bit and I realise its probably only a minority of people who behave like that when in France..
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"Do the French have any totally wastefull things to throw money at that are quite as shallow, vain and pretentious as personal registrations...?"


How about this?  Does it count?


Home > Forums Home > Bring & Buy (or Sell...)
Cart wheels for sale

Author - Ty Korrigan
Topic posted - 12/07/2005 at 19:28

More cart wheels! This time two pairs offered. Photos available. These would make a super feature in a cottage garden.

Pair one: 95% good condition/solid wood 175euros

Pair two: In excellent condition 300euros


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And I sold them!

I am off tomorrow back to old blighty with my van and trailer carrying two iron bedsteads, four cartwheels, as well as some cider making equipment all to be sold on Ebay or by small ads... Thats my new winter income source sorted!

As the seller I am the winner here...just like the DVLA is for selling those plates!



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[quote]Incidently, since I told my French family about this fetish the Brits have for personal plates and the ridiculous money that they spend on them, they often ask me "how much for that one?" before havi...[/quote]

Well sorry Ty but that is pretty sad.

To laugh and discuss what others spend their money on is rather worrying. May I say it may well have been extremely well earned money from an ordinary Joe and the person not that rich at all but just wanted a personalised plate for his own pleasure ? Why not, we all spend silly money on silly things, now and again in our lifetime, don't we ?

I have never ever wanted a personalised plate, friends have had them, some still have but so what, their money at the end of the day. I don't want a stupid cartwheel either, why would I personally want one of them in my garden ? but you are right to try and sell them cause others do want them, same can be said about plates. Neither do anything for me but I defend the rights of fools to be parted from their own money.

If you and you friends and family find it funny to laugh about, well just think how people will view the people laughing at stupid old car plates ?

WHAT !!! you look at car plates and laugh about how much they have spent out on them.....get outa here Ty. The Bretons can do silly enough things on their own, without you encouraging them some more

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Might be tight but the profit is worth the time and trouble to get 'em in !!

Anyway, you are pretty much in to Breton ways, stick 'em on the top ! Hand out each side to keep the things steady !! 10 kph and Françoise yer oncle !

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I haven't got a personalised number plate - can't have one on French cars - but what if I did have in the UK?  My money after all.

As the French don't have them, trying to wind the French up about something that they don't have, can ever get nor understand the concept of properly is like trying a wind-up here.

Interesting to see whether your business registration covers you for totting - thought you were registered as a gardener but hey, it's only you that can criticise others for nicking your work - how about the brocante owners who might sell the stuff you're taking back to the UK?

And I know you'll have a fascile excuse for doing it, perhaps somebody should take the time to run you to the tax authorities.

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Hello, I have arrived but I am not driving all that way ever again even if the tickets are free!

I sold the two beds to a shop in Rye on the way down when I stopped for coffee and got paid in ...EUROS!

I reckon I should get a better price by placing ads and waiting for the calls than stopping off at dealer wheelers...

3h 30min Dover to Portsmouth... Total time on road was 13 hours... Ugh! 

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Yo man! Tony, take a tea and popa pill man...

Now then... I am registered as a 'commercant' not as an 'artisan' and these item are my 'stock' and therefore I sell items as part of my trade. I sell compost, bark, weedkillers and 'garden ornaments'...

It is in my interest to declare all my earnings during my first year as I wish to obtain a loan from my bank to expand my business...

This money will show up in my account so to please the bank during the lean work period of winter.

What happens after I have the loan is another story...

Just following the good advice of my fellow traders...


From England....

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Tony, bizarre behaviour I agree.

I wondered why the moderators don't pull the plug on Mr T.K.

The answer, it seems, is in the Code of Conduct 2nd paragraph:

" Please be aware that it is a message board which from time to time is visited by hoaxers and those not necessarily interested in discussing France and French lifestyle. If you encounter users who you feel are abusing the message boards, please do not respond to them. These users are only encouraged when their messages provoke a response, so the best thing you can do is ignore them and inform the administrators."

I guess it takes all sorts.

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