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sq meters into acres


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Bruddy hell PD I thought it was 2008? No wonder I is confuscicated!

Pads, there's enough to keep you busy just keeping the barn cut, or is that the grass painted, or the doors clipped?

Oh hell nurse! Where'z me pills!!!!!

Edit :- Y! wot hole? Am I reelie got a hole?
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[quote user="powerdesal"]4046 innit


PD, you keep out of this! I is confused enough without your help thank you!

And don't even dare to say it's nice and warm there! We moved to the S of France for the warm and I'm going to complain to Mr Sarkosy about the cold and the wind! We pay our taxes here and the busses and trains. Sorry, getting a bit carried away there?

Another edit! Wot the hell happened there?
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