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taxi cost euro for 90 km


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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]Breakdown assistance paid for a taxi from the garage at Niort to our house = 91km.  About 20kms from home, I noticed the meter was showing 200 euros.... [/quote]

Yet another variable - who is actually paying for it !. I regularly used to do  the trip from the airport into Marseille - If the company was paying for it it was more than twice the price than when I paid cash.

Our local taxi firm does Toulouse airport (120km) for 130 euros.



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Paul .................

On a more positive note than my previous post, I'll be at the airport on Sunday week, so I'll ask the cabbies there what the price would be. The problem for you might be that there are rarely more than a couple of them there to meet incoming flts - if your baggage is late off, you might be left stranded.

I'll also ask in our village, which has a reputable taxi firm to see what their price might be (we're 25 mins from Barjac). Doubt if it'll be cheap though.

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As promised, I 'collared' one of the cabbies (well actually, the only bloke there) and he pulled out a pre-printed list of destinations & prices, including Barjac !!

Lots of muttering about about it being "Tres loin, mais faisible".

Anyway, it would be €130 (and the same for the return).  It's along way, so not a stitch-up.  Decent 'people carrier' vehicle - seemed like an OK bloke.

PM me if you want his details - I have his card.   

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