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Camping Car Insulation


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Once again I'm starting to think about getting an old camper van. However, I would always be travelling with my dogs and thus the insulation against the heat is very important to me. I would not expect to travel with them in the height of summer, but am wondering how good the insulation actually is in these things and thus what sort of "season" I might actually achieve.

I appreciate that different models have different quality insulation, but if anybody has any thoughts or experiences they would be much appreciated.

(I would be visiting sailing regattas and thus there would be people ashore who could check on the dogs regularly and do something if there were problem (they would never be left unattended for any length of time where there was any risk).

Many thanks


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Camper van insulation is primarily for cold weather.  In summer, they can get quite hot because they have a large glass area.  Many people fit thermal blinds on the windows and insulation mats on the windscreen to reduce the oven effect.

That said, for "english summer" temperatures, you should not really need air conditioning, particularly if you're camping near water where you can usually get a cooling breeze through the van.

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