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I am trying to get my bike re-insured after cancelling with AGF (off-hand service and ever-increasing premiums)

Unfortunately, the company that was supposed to replace them seems to be worse than useless as well - don't they just love inventing rules and conditions over here, given half a chance?

Anyway, I searched the forum and all I found was a reference to AXA - no probs there, but they are a large company - I'd rahter have a specific agen(t|cy) to deal with. Has anyone any recommendations?

BIBA do our car, but don't do bikes. Sigh.

As ever, any help or suggestions gratefully received.


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I use MAAF for my car, campervan and motorcycle.  Big national company but local office with helpful and friendly staff.  Straightforward and simple process, no arguments over NCB, etc.  They issued temporary certificates on the old UK plates to give me time to re-register, then issued full year certificates on production of my cartes grises.

Premiums were the cheapest for the car and camper, but the bike is more expensive than in the UK, though cover includes breakdown recovery as standard.  Had one claim recently - broke the car's foglight by running over a tyre carcass in the dark - my garage suggested I make a claim for the repair and MAAF paid out immediately with no loss of NCB.

Just my personal experience.....




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My OH is trying to find a competitve insurance quote for his bike too, but is struggling.  Our insurer no longer insures motorbikes, but when ending our policy they also told us that it is unlikely to find an insurer that will only take on one motorbike - so it looks like we'll have to find a company offering a combination of competitive car and bike insurance. [:(]
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