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New exhaust needed

Graham & Brenda

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I wouldn't worry too much - fitting an exhaust is simple (for a mechanic I hasten to add).

Maybe a better question would be: Is there anyone I should avoid like a plague to fit my exhaust?!

I remember my mate (a mechanic)  telling me I needed a new propshaft on my Landrover;  I asked him whether he could handle the job -- he laughed and showed me the  8 bolts  he'd need to take off and then replace;  I was paranoid due to all this 'specialist marque' guff  I'd been reading.

The closest I've had to a bad exhaust fitting was when Kwik Fit didn't have the right piece and had obviously shoe-horned a simmilar piece in instead: still worked though!

Anyhow good luck.

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I would just warn you that some of these fast fit places also have a reputation for telling you that you need other items replacing too or you could be in big trouble. I got caught out and ended up spending money uneccessarilly as my usual garagiste was on hols and OH busy because I was fooled. Not saying they are all like that,but it is big business both sides of the channel.
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