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New Child restraint regulations in the UK


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There are new regulations coming in which mean that children who may have been permitted to wear an adult safety belt will now have to have a booster seat.

Yes, it is in the UK but I am not sure how the authorities will view visitors or what the regulations are in France.?

Sunday Driver  - any thoughts ?


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The information in the childcarseats.org.uk link relating to France is oversimplified, contradictory and inaccurate.

There has been no change to the rules in France (which the updated UK regs now broadly mirror):

For children under 10 years age, the use of a child's restraint system is obligatory. This safety device must be adapted to the weight and the age of the child, correctly approved and correctly fitted..

from 0 to 9 months (less than 9 kg):

- nacelle bed (fixed along the back seat) and fitted with a protection net
- child's back must face downwards toward the floor

from approx 9 months to approx 3/4 years (9 kg to approx 18 kg):

- bucket seat with harness, fitted in the rear

from approx 3/4 years up to 10 years (more than 18 kg):

- booster seat used in combination with the standard rear seat belts
- three point harness connected to the lower seat belt anchorages

The above are not obligatory where children are being carried in a taxi or bus/coach, have a medical exemption certificate, or where their physical size allows them to wear an adult safety belt

With regards to the front seat, a child under 10 years of age may not be carried in the front seat, except in one of the following cases:

1° When the child is transported in a rear facing child's seat specifically designed for mounting in the front of a vehicle. If the vehicle is equipped with a front airbag then the airbag must be deactivated;

2° When the vehicle does not have a rear seat fitted;

3° When the rear seats are temporarily unusable or are occupied by other children of less than ten years of age, provided that each child is using a restraint system as described above.



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